Laptop 90W Charger For USB Square Slim Pin Lenovo Y40 Y40-70 Y40-80 Series


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  • Condition: Brand New! Tested in 100% working.
  • Input Voltage Range: AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz ~1.5A (worldwide use)
  • Output: DC 20V 4.5A
  • Power: 90W (USB Pin)
  • DC Connector Size: Square Pin

What’s in the box?

1 x Laptop Charger 1 x Power Cable

 1,200  1,550

98 in stock


Compatible P/N:

36200124, 36200253, 36200291, 45N0261, 45N0265, 45N0266,
45N0267, 45N0278, 45N0319, 45N0320, ADLX65NLC2A, ADP-65XB A,
PA-1650-37LC, PA-1650-72, 0B46995, 0B46996, 0B46997, 0B46998,
0B46999, 0B47000, 0B47001, 0B47002, 0B47003, 0B47004, 0B47005,
0B47006, 0B47007, 0B47009, 0A36258, 0A36259, 0A36260, 0A36261,
0A36262, 0A36263, 0A36264, 0A36265, 0A36266, 0A36267, 0A36268,
0A36269, 0A36270, 0A36271, 0A36272, 0A36273, 45N0254, 45N0256,
45N0258, 45N0260, 45N0262, 45N0264, 45N0326, 45N0328, ADLX65NCC3A,

Compatible Laptop Model:


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Carbon Yoga charger,

Lenovo Chromebook N20 N20p 11e X150E

Lenovo Edge 2 15 1580

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga S1, 2, 11, 11s, 13, 2 Pro; Flex 2, 3, 14, 15, 15D

Lenovo Y40 Y40-70 Y40-80

Lenovo Z40 Z50 Z70 Z40-70 Z40-75 Z50-30 Z50-70 Z70-80

Lenovo B40 B50 B40-80 B50-30 B50-45 B50-70 B50-80

Lenovo G40 G50 G70 G40-30 G40-45 G40-70 G40-80 G50-30 G50-45 G50-70 G50-75 G50-80 G70-35 G70-80

Lenovo G400 G400S G405S G410 G410S G490 G500 G500S G505 G505S G510 G510S S410P

lenovo Thinkpad : X240 X240S X300S X301S S230U S431  T440 T440P T440S T450 T450s T460 T460S T540P T550 T560 L440 L450 L540 T540P E431 E440 E450 E455 E460 E465 E531 E540 E550 E555 E560 E565

lenovo Ideapad : 500 500S S210 S500 S510P U430 U430P U530 Z410 Z505 Z510 Z710 Z580 S405 S410 S410P S500 K2450 K4450 K4350 K4350A V4400


Y40, Y40-70, Y40-80,

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


Brand Lenovo
Model Y40, Y40-70, Y40-80,
Input Voltage Range AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz ~1.5A (worldwide use)
Output DC 20V  4.5A
Power 90W (USB Pin)
DC Connector Size Square (USB PIN)

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